It is my Final Dream, in this Dream-Melodrama of our Creator, to see Every Human Transcended. I will gladly be back a million times, if necessary, to see hUmaNITY United as One and living in Peace, Harmony, Love and Kinship with God.

In this lifetime, me, the Transcendence Foundation© and TranscendenceAcademy.com© are bound and governed by these 10 fundamental principles that I defined a few years ago and updated the description recently using my Master and Guru’s ideals as inspiration.

It is not me who is empowering every human to Transcend themselves; it is The One & Only Almighty God who is doing it. I am simply an Eternal Servant who is grateful to be here on Earth at this extraordinary times to Perfectly Transcend myself and assist in fulfilling this Divine Ultimate Mission.

My whole life, mind, heart, Soul, every cell and atom of my existence is surrendered to our Creator, to BABAJI, to my Guru Yoganandaji and of course to our saviour Lord Christ Jesus - The Messiah whose second coming I saw in a Transcendent Dream-Vision (blessed I AM)!

They are the real doers of all my divinely-guided actions, I am simply the instrument and Humanity is the subject.

I have faith that in this lifetime we’ll get to see this Divine Ultimate Mission fulfilled fully or mostly; that would totally Transcend the world. There is absolutely nothing that God cannot do; He could do all that in an instant— whether He will do it or won’t, that is for Him alone to decide. I am sure He has already decided and it is happening right in front of our eye(s).

Not so blessed are those who are trying to impede / slow down The Great Awakening (this process cannot be stopped; those trying will simply perish. I pray that the fire of divine wisdom burn the curtain of their ignorance)

But blessed are those who see The Great Awakening happening.

Yet more blessed are those who are accelerating the process by Transcending themselves everyday.

Even more blessed are those few who are Transcended / Transcending while serving as instruments and helping fellow Souls so this Divine Ultimate Mission CAN BE fulfilled rapidly!

Which stage are you on now and where do you want to be?

Always with gratitude for eternity,
Royal Anwar
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