Transcendence Mentorship Program

8 week program with a 90 day coaching service to help you achieve Niche Leadership and create a sustainable business with clear structures, systems and automations
  • Secure, personal account giving you life-time access to the program.
  • 8 weekly one to one coaching sessions (typically 90 minute each). 
  • Fortnightly review calls to measure progress and optimise results with mentorship support for different Leadership Stages.
  • Be part of the global Transcendence Community; meet and connect with fellow Positive Change Agents​.
  • Watch Self Transcendence Show in HD and get the opportunity to be a Guest of Honour.
  • Get extreme clarity about your Ultimate Mission, Core Principles and Values.
  • ​Become a high performance, efficient and productive CEO Owner as well as improving your coaching, mentoring and training skills to better serve your clients.
  •  Create a widely recognised brand with a clear message about the products and services you offer.
  •  Build value-based, Direct Relationship Marketing campaigns that can be semi and fully automated to attract potential buyers.
  •  Hyper-systemise and leverage proven automations and machines to help you evolve to Decentralized Coaching model.
  • ​Create Automated Package Delivery systems that are distributed through multiple channels and platforms.
Develop powerful Character Traits, Skills, Strengths and Habits that will help you empower millions of people.
Visionary: be a big picture thinker and strategic planner who wins the battles before it’s fought.

Excellence: be committed to excellence in every area of your life; relationships, business, health, products and services.

Grow: always be hungry to learn, grow, contribute, achieve and become a better person.
Genius: become extremely intelligent and smart. Be confident and develop a powerful presence.
Humble: start simple, humble and from scratch, then patiently and methodically serves others and work towards building wealth and massive success. 

Bold: take calculated risks and has risk-management strategies to ensure long-term success.

Balanced: appreciate and seek love and challenge, have thick skin and live according to your highest values, priorities and dream.
Opportunist: transform obstacles and challenges into opportunities and refuse to throw in the towel, see the challenges and issues as ON the way instead of IN the way.

Achiever: love to play the business game on a whole new level, love to negotiate and make deals; do what feels good and you love and love what you do.

Fearless: build an extremely high pain tolerance and be afraid of anything. Be early, punctual and always on time. 
Leverage: Royal manages leveraged debt to his advantage to get wealthier and ensures that others take some of the risk and are included in the wealth creation.
Driven: be vigorously driven by your mission, vision, principles, inspiration, calling, desired legacy and relentlessly works long hours to realise them.

Big Thinker: set high, challenging and unrealistic goals and demand of yourself to become one of the Greatest Of All Times (GOAT). 

Resilient: thrive on pressure and uncertainties, and be able to creatively solve complex issues. Be constantly on the lookout for ways to solve people’s problems and help them in their Self Transcendence Journey.
Becoming: constantly grow to innovate, thrive on criticism and be able to handle great challenges and issues. 

Non-Binary: be non-binary and use the feedback from both supportive and challenging news and events to become better.

Strong Willed: be extremely strong willed and have unquestionable standards and principles to keep a close eye on your wealth and frugal expenditures.
Self-Confident: believe in yourself, become self-confident and take full responsibility for everything in your life, complete things and achieve anything your set your mind to.

Relentless: be relentlessly persistent and resilient, determined, have extreme grit & be committed, hyper-focused and stop at nothing to win and achieve your dream.

All In: be all in and committed to your long-term mission, vision and goals and live an abundant, fulfilling life.
Transcendence mentorship program
Value-based pricing

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$4,400 RRP In USD

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  • Life-time, unrestricted access to our 8-weeks core online training program available 24/7 through Platform
  • Comes with physical journals + Genesis Templates + Workbooks
  • Access to our Transcendence Community group + weekly live Q&A sessions typically done via zoom in small groups or private one on one basis; or in live in the T: Community group
  • Full access to all the Self Transcendence Shows and online portal with 12+ hours of training videos
  • Access to our Strategic, Tactical and Execution Recipes-Vaults
  • 90-days term helping you achieve Niche Leadership followed by Weekly live Q&A and fortnightly Review & Optimisation sessions

    •  Clearly define your Ideal Niche Groups and Potential Buyers who want your services.
    •  Design Key Promise Offer and Client Transformation Journey to give them the best experience while working with you.
    • ​Help you craft your Key Promise Statement in order to communicate it effectively to your target market.
    •  Design your Client Transformation Journey offering high quality products and services with a wide price range and selection.
    •  Learn how to increase Repeat Business and partnerships to get high quality clients faster, without the usual advertising cost.
    •  Convert Potential Buyers into paying Customers using the T: Sales and Closing Techniques. 
    Problem Solving: creatively solve complex problems and be calm in the eye of the storm

    Critical Thinking: think clearly and rationally to objectively analyse and evaluate everything.

    Creativity: use your imagination, different thinking, unique and original ideas 

    Emotional Intelligence: be aware of, express and regulate your emotions with data, & handle interpersonal relationships judiciously and empathetically.

    Decisive: make concise decisions rapidly to favour the long-term success, never leaves anything in the limbo zone. Act immediately.

    Coachable: be an extremely coachable student and 100% responsible for everything in your life.

    System-Thinking: learn to zoom out and look at the whole. When everybody is trying to analyse the component, look at the relationships between them. When people look at objects, look at connections. When they look at metrics, look at patterns and trends.
    People Management: inspire and help people unlock their potential to optimise, improve, grow and Transcend themselves.

    Service Orientation: be a servant who serves people, helps them and positively impacts their life.

    Persuasion: masterfully persuades others and negotiate massive win-win deals & partnership.

    Cognitive Flexibility: develop the ability to adapt your thinking, behaviour and train your mind in response to unexpected conditions or changes in the environment. Constantly evolve.

    Pattern Recognition: have the ability to see order in chaos by actively looking for patterns, organising the pieces, questioning everything, visualising the data and imagining new possibilities
    Independent Thinking: think independently, don't subordinate to other’s values or opinions. Follow your intuition and higher Self.

    Big-Picture Thinking: think about the long-term, makes short-term sacrifices for the long-term success, and strategically plan your moves and goals to ensure realisation of mission, vision.

    Business: master business and every area of it: accounting, management, HR, sales, marketing, product development, value presentation, hiring, team and culture development.

    Public Speaking: Be a powerful speaker who has the ability to inspire and positively impact others. 

    Confident: believe in yourself, be super confident and believe in his ability to figure it all out.

    Wealth Building: be frugal and have the ability to build massive wealth for yourself and others.
    Relentless: be relentless, driven, hyper-focused and complete things.

    • E-learning platform with value packed training programs and resources.
    • High quality videos with professional presentations and visuals to help you better understand the process.
    • Audio and Transcripts of the training videos provided.
    • Tried and tested tools and templates customised to suit your business.
    • 8 weekly one to one coaching sessions (typically 90 minute each). 
    • Fortnightly review calls to measure progress and optimise results with mentorship support for different Leadership Stages.
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