The 2 Things That 7 Figure Coaches Have That Most Coaches Do Not
By Royal Anwar   \   Updated: August, 2018
Have you noticed that… in the coaching business people mostly fall into two different categories:

#1 The Hustlers 
The hustlers spend too much time but make very little; they work extra hours and they work hard compared to the rest of the people. But they make less than they could if they had a good job. One day they have a client, the next day they don’t and their income is not consistent. 

#2 The Wizards 
These people keep making more and more money, keep growing their business and wealth. They are on top of their market but don’t seem to work as hard as the hustlers. The have an abundance of time and money. 

So, what is the magic thing that enables some coaches to live an abundant life, make 7+ figures, enjoy life and have a successful coaching business while some coaches make very little?

The successful coaches have two things present in their business while the hustlers either have none or just one of them. If you have these two present in your coaching business, making 7 figures per year will become easier than you think… If you implement these 2 things right, you will be able to acquire your ideal high paying, qualified and committed coaching clients with predictability. BUT most coaches are distracted and obsessed with the latest shiny objects, they are obsessed with the new targeting features, funnels and new traffic sources that they completely forget to have a system in place that converts all these traffic into high paying clients.   

By now you might be wondering what are these two things that the these successful coaches have.  

The 2 things that you need are… 
1. Generating high quality and targeted traffic
Target only qualified prospects that will become high paying, committed coaching clients.

2. A proven and predictable system to convert the targeted traffic into high paying clients. 
Have a proven system in place to take the prospects through a few steps and convert them into high paying clients.

There are 2 ways you can get it right and implement it in your coaching business:

1. The hard way - try to build the system yourself and go at it alone, spend a significant amount of time, money and resources trying to figure it all out… waste a few years of your life and get no results…. 


2. The easy way - have the blueprint, and have the system built for your coaching business. 

If you are smart and go with option 2; hire someone who has mastered it and can build the system for you to get you results. 

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