Direct Relationship Marketing
New World, Professional Advertising Services for the Global Transcendence Community
Especially for highly dedicated Life Coaches, Professional Mindset Mentors & Corporate Mindfulness Trainers as well as Career, Confidence and Relationship Coaches who are ALL IN 120% to Empower People.
  • E-learning platform with value packed training programs and resources.
  • High quality videos with professional presentations and visuals to help you better understand the process.
  • Audio and Transcripts of the training videos provided.
  • Tried and tested tools and templates customised to suit your business.
  • Secure, personal account giving you life-time access to the program.client login
  • 8 weekly one to one coaching sessions (typically 90 minute each). 
  • Fortnightly review calls to measure progress and optimise results with mentorship support for different Leadership Stages.

Direct Relationship Marketing Services

On-going, monthly retainer service offering specialist, semi-automated organic and fully automated retargeting
Direct Relationship Marketing  services.

This is our done-for-you service where we, with your guidance & input, Design > Build > Test > Optimise and Manage all your advertising campaigns on a daily, weekly & monthly basis... so you hyper focus on Empowering; Coaching, Mentoring & Changing Lives.

Typically between £1,000 to £1,166 /month.
Always 15% off for the global Transcendence Community members who are highly dedicated to Empower millions of to Transcend Themselves.

Direct Relationship Marketing
Value-based pricing
£1,166 p/m
$1,460 / Month In USD

Transcendence Community members always get 15% off our products and services: T: Community Deal Save £174 /month.

£991 ($1,248)  Per Month, on a retainer basis

  • Access to our Transcendence Community group + weekly live Q&A sessions typically done via zoom in small groups or private one on one basis; or in live in the T: Community group
  • Full access to all the Self Transcendence Shows and online portal with 12+ hours of training videos, watch free in HD
  • Access to our Strategic, Tactical and Execution Recipes-Vaults
  • Ongoing service term with Weekly live Q&A and fortnightly Review & Optimisation sessions

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Welcome to the New Season of Direct Relationship Marketing and phone-less selling systems designed to optimise and maximise your daily capacity, capability and time....
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