Coaches: You Must Get These 4 Components of Your Client Acquisition System Right (If You Have One...) 
By Royal Anwar   \   Updated: August, 2018

Do you have a predictable client acquisition system that you can turn on to acquire your ideal high paying, committed and qualified clients at will? 

Whether you already have a proven client acquisition system for your coaching business or you are thinking of building one, you MUST ensure that you get these 4 things right: pick a niche \ market, craft your message so that it resonates with your prospects, you must be very good and expert at what you do and finally you need to build the system to convert your prospects into high paying clients.

Let’s look at each components… 

You must stop being a generalist and instead choose a specific niche or market. Research and figure out the most common problem or desire of your niche, and then axe your coaching products and services to only offer core products or coaching services to help your niche bridge the gap from their current situation to their desired situation. Define what area of coaching you want to master because it is easier to become an expert at one area of coaching instead of trying to master multiple different areas. 

Let me ask you this…
Are you offering coaching products, services or programs that you don’t have 100% confidence and conviction in? If you are, then go and axe your products or services and dedicate to offer 1 or 2 core coaching products or services that best align with your vision and believes. Your core coaching products or services must solve your niche’s problem or help them achieve their desired results. Then prepare to forget everything else and focus on honing your offer to become the best in the coaching industry and in the world. 

Read the next blog where we talk about what distracts coaches the most and the 2 things that 7 figure coaches have present in their coaching business… 

2. Crafting your message 

Your message must hit a nerve and resonate with your prospects. Crafting a never wrecking and hair raising message and offer takes iterations and improvements; and it should make your prospects think that you understand their problems and desires better than them. Your message should make the prospect think that you understand them well and you can help them make the transformation. When you are able to achieve this with your message, your marketing will be very powerful. 

Here are some questions to consider answering when crafting your message:
What is the desired situation of your target market/niche?
How can you get them there in 6-12 weeks with your coaching products or services?
What is it costing them to stay where they are without fixing this?
What is the value of them achieving this transformation through working with you?

3. Creating your media
You must be an expert and highly knowledgeable about what you do and you must be able to help your client achieve their desired situation or self through your coaching products, services or programs. You should turn your existing content, knowledge and client results into a video which you can use to get your prospect’s attention and email address.

Through this video, you should solve a small part of your prospect’s problem, then ask them if they need more help and want to achieve their desired self or situation. 

4. Constructing your system 
The final step is to build your client acquisition system and connect the different components together. Executing your client acquisition system requires you to connect the different gears together and ensure that they run smoothly. You need to run targeted digital advertising campaigns, build your automated funnels, plug different technologies and platforms together and manage them efficiently. This part can be quite complex for most coaches; however, constructing your client acquisition system is easy and simple when you know how to do it and follow a proven system and blueprint. 

Implementing this system is easy and requires very little tech skills; however, executing and implementing it effectively is not easy to achieve. You should ask an expert, someone who knows how to build this system and implement it effectively, to help you build your coaching client acquisition system. 

Once you have this system setup effectively and correctly; you can acquire 5, 10 or even 20 of your ideal high paying, committed coaching clients every single month.  

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