The 8 Main Characteristics of Direct Response Marketing With a Checklist to Use When Running Direct Response Ads for Your Coaching Business!
By Royal Anwar   \   September, 2018
The 8 Main Characteristics of Direct Response Marketing with a Checklist to Use Next Time You Run a Direct Response Ad for Your Coaching Business.

Direct Response marketing is designed to evoke an immediate response and compel prospects to take specific actions; whether it is to opt in for a free case study, free book or webinar, or to get more information, place an order or take any other specific actions that you want them to take. 

Direct Response marketing is an ethical way of selling your coaching programs and services because it is focused on specific problems that your target market or niche has and it aims to solve these problems with coaching, education or specific coaching programs or solutions.  

Direct Response marketing an affordable, trackable and measurable way of marketing for coaches that want to reach their target market, niche or ideal clients - especially if you have a proven client acquisition system to efficiently convert the prospects into a paying coaching clients. When it comes to Direct Response marketing, you have to know how much it costs you to acquire a new client and then invest the required amount of money to acquire them with a proven system to track all the numbers and conversions. 

Return on Investment (ROI) is the king in Direct Response Marketing, e.g. if you put £500 into advertising to make £1 000.

Turn your ads from general advertising to Direct Response ads and put a system in place that becomes a lead and coaching client generating machine. 

8 Main Characteristics of Direct Response Marketing:

1. Trackable \ When someone responds to the ad, you know which ad and media was responsible for generating the response. E.g. if you advertise on Facebook, track everything; all the numbers and Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s).

2. Measurable \ When you track everything and know which ads are being responded to and how many sales you made with each ad; you are able to measure exactly how effective and profitable each ad is. You then remove or iterate the ads that are not giving you return on investment (ROI) and you can duplicate the ads that are profitable by making small changes to the budget or age range to keep testing to find new profitable ads.

3. Compelling Headlines & Copy \ Direct Response marketing has a compelling message of interest to your prospects / target audience. The headline is attention grabbing with strong sales copy that is salesmanship in print - the ad often looks like editorial rather than an ad. This makes it at least 3x more likely to get read.

4. Targets a Specific Audience or Niche \ Direct Response advertising targets prospects within specifics verticals, geographic zone, interests or niche markets. The ad is designed to appeal to a narrow target market or audience. 

5. Makes a Specific Offer \ Direct Response ads make a specific value-packed offer, often the aim is not necessarily to sell anything from the ad but to simply get the prospect to take the next action, such as requesting a case study, report, take a quiz or book a free consultation call. The offer is focused on the prospect rather than on the advertiser and talks about what the prospect will get (the big promise), it talks about their interests, fears, desires and frustrations!

6. Demands a Response \ Direct Response advertising has a “Call To Action” which compels the prospects to take action and do something specific. It also includes a means of response and capture of these responses. When the prospects responds, their contact information is captured so that they can be contacted later. 

7. Multi-step, Short-Term Follow-up \ Valuable education, tips and information on the prospect’s problem is offered in exchange for capturing their details. The information, whether it is a video or a survey, should carry with it a second irresistible offer - tied to the next step that you want the prospect to take, such as scheduling an appointment or a free consultation call or to book a strategy session. Learn how to convert your prospects into high-paying coaching clients on the phone when they book a strategy/consultation session. 

8. Maintenance Follow-up of Unconverted Leads \ People who do not respond within the short-term follow-up period may have many reasons for not “maturing” into a paying coaching client immediately. There is value in this bank of slow-to-mature coaching clients and they should continue hearing from you once to several times a month. 

Use the Direct Response Marketing Checklist when creating and running ads for Your Coaching Business.

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