5 Ways to Use Social Media More Effectively for Your Coaching Business
By Royal Anwar   \   July, 2018
With hundreds of social medias available today; Facebook is most popular with 2.19 Billion active users and YouTube is second on the list with 1.9 billion active users. Through social media you can easily communicate your message with prospective clients, stay connected with them, and if you use social media effectively; you might be able to convert your passive readers into high paying clients. 

Here are 5  ways to use social media more efficiently for your coaching business:

1. Have clear goals 

What do you want to achieve through your social media presence? Do you want to share tips? Or share client results? Or Stay connected with your fans and clients? Or attract new high paying clients or convert your followers into clients? 

You should have a clearly defined goal and know the “why’ for your social media presence. Your goal could be all of the above; make sure that know why you are on social media so that you can tailor your messages and contents to achieve that outcome and measure your success! 

2. Engage with your fans and followers 

Are there people commenting and appreciating your effort for making a positive impact? Are there people liking and sharing your posts? Are there people who engage with your social media regularly?

Let me ask you this: do you engage with them, reciprocate and say thank you? 

If not, then start by connecting with your followers and readers, start building a relationship by reaching out to them and thanking them for their support. If one of your goals for being on social media is to attract new high value and committed clients; then this is a perfect opportunity to start converting them to a high paying client. 

3. (Not) being on every social media platforms 

There are hundreds of social media platforms out there and your coaching business doesn’t have to be on all of them. Managing all of these accounts, keeping them updated and posting can take a significant amount of your time, energy and FOCUS. 

Identify in which social media channel you will be more likely to find your ideal clients and how effectively you can target and convert them into high paying clients. You need to monitor results and performance of your posts and contents across your social media accounts; and being on Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, YouTube and multiple social media platforms means that you need to spend more time to measure your performance. Facebook is a highly recommended social media platform to use for your coaching business because of its popularity; you can also run targeted ads only to your ideal prospects who will become high paying, committed clients. 

4. Ask the community for feedback, support and leverage their creativity 

When was the last time you asked your followers and readers for feedback or their help?
Social media is a great place for people to know more about your coaching business and can give you a great opportunity to connect with them and convert them into high paying clients. You can leverage the creativity of your followers and get them involved by asking their feedback and help or their opinion on something. This helps your followers to stay engaged with your coaching business. 

5. Manage your brand identity and have a strategy 

Posting images, links, videos or any contents that don’t suit your brand identity can damage your brand identity and can make you look “unprofessional.’ Before you share any contents that is not related to your message or coaching business, you should ask yourself: “Does this fit with my message?” If the answer is not a strong yes, then you should not post it. 

Posting updates, client results, tips and relevant contents that are aligned with your message on a consistent basis can build momentum in long term; you may not see the result immediately but chances are that your ideal client is following and reading your posts. And overtime, this organic method can turn your readers and followers into high paying clients. 

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