Create A Sustainable Business That Empowers People To Transcend Themselves.

The world has changed. Welcome to the New Age. We must adapt rapidly and pivot our businesses to take advantage of the many amazing opportunities that this new world brings for us.

Now, more than ever, the world needs more highly dedicated Speaker Life Coaches, Pro. Mindset Mentors, Corporate Mindfulness Trainers as well as Career, Confidence and Relationship Coaches to go ALL IN 120% and Empower; Coach, Mentor and change millions of lives globally.

We are now living in an ever-evolving market (reality) that is changing rapidly at an unprecedented rate. This is the dawn of a new digital, financial and personal development era that favours those who serve others and do business by Nature’s ways and methods. If we do not adapt and evolve our businesses as fast as the market is; we get culled. It is best to leverage the immutable and fundamental Laws of Nature instead of fighting them.

Using old ways of thinking and doing things is literally a killer.

This new world requires new paradigms and ways of thinking… new ways of doing business, building unique products and services and new ways of selling and marketing them - without being too pushy or salesy!
Now is the best time to really go in deep and work on the business side over the next 6 to 12 months, to build a world-renowned organisation that is widely known, profitable and that creates lasting differences in your clients’ lives.
Going somewhere where you have never been requires a guide; having me and a community of like-minded individuals who share similar missions and visions as you, will allow you to ask the hard questions, question your assumptions and assist you in your business. As a result, this will give you significant leverage, growth and optimisations in your business, that will enhance your results drastically.

Become a high performance CEO Owner and master the critical business strategies, skills and tools

We offer high quality business Transcendence mastery programs and courses as well as professional advertising services for the global Transcendence Community.
Get extreme clarity about the current and desired existence of the business.
Identify the core obstacles and challenges on the way, and define the measurable gap between Point A and Point B.
Design and build the specific, measurable and executable T: Plan of Action with clear outcomes, milestones, key delivery dates and specific sequence of Strategic and Tactical Transcendence Strategies customised for you.
Hyper-focus the company’s resources (team, time & money) to consistently execute the plan of action. Execute the plan of action daily and always ask: what, specifically, I must do today to improve our situation?
Be actively involved and hands on in every aspect of the business.
Build strategic relationships and partnerships. Be kind, driven and focused.
Leverage high-performance business systems, machines and tools.
Attract high-performance A-Players. Hire them. Train them. Reward them handsomely.
Delegate to and leverage the All-Star Team. Work collectively and thrive in a competitive, forever-evolving market.
Think at least 7 hours /week with high-quality questions while optimising for outcomes and opportunities.
Build a high-performance business and family of people working on multiple, simultaneous roles and responsibilities.
Constantly Transcend yourself and your business to escape the market culling and positively disrupt the world.
Develop cognitive ability to adopt your mind, thinking, behaviour, disciplines and habits in response to unexpected, critical conditions, complexities or changes in the environment.
Become superhuman. Hyper-focus and channel 120% of your thinking, action and execution power to produce the main outcomes and results. 
Be committed to excellence and invest in learning, training, growing and improving yourself and your team.  Please leave your ego outside the door. Be compassionate and praise your team for their performance, loyalty and commitment.
On-going, monthly retainer service at £1,166 /month flat-service-fee offering specialist, semi-automated organic and fully automated retargeting
Direct Relationship Marketing and Digital Advertising services.

This is our done-for-you service where we, with your guidance & input, Design > Build > Test > Optimise and Manage all your advertising campaigns on a daily-basis... so you can just focus 120% on Empowering people to Transcend themselves!
FREE Community group and platform
Provided exclusively for highly dedicated Life Coaches, Mindset Mentors and Corporate Mindfulness Trainers as well as Career, Confidence and Relationship Coaches who are ALL IN 120% to empower people

The Transcendence Community is a Close Group of Fellow Humans Existing and Experiencing Life Beyond the Normal or Physical Level, Empowering; Coaching, Mentoring and Healing Humanity, Together!

6-12 months one on one course specifically customised and optimised for you; structured into 8-weeks of core trainings followed by live Q&A and personalised fortnightly Review & Optimisation sessions.

We do some of the work with you and for you - like managing all your Advertising & Marketing, and serve you and help you Transcend to Market Leadership!

The BT:M course is specifically designed for Life Coaches, Mindset Mentors and Mindfulness Corporate Trainers who have been in business for 2 - 5+ years and want to achieve Market Leadership in less than 6-12months.
12-15 months one on one course specifically customised and optimised for you; structured into 8-weeks of core trainings followed by live Q&A and personalised fortnightly Review & Optimisation sessions.

We do some of the work with you and for you - like managing all your Advertising & Marketing, and serve you and help you Transcend to Market Leadership!

The T:MG Group is specifically designed for Life Coaches, Mindset Mentors and Mindfulness Corporate Trainers who have been in business for 5 - 8+ years and want to achieve Global Leadership in less than 12 - 15months.

Here's What You Get...

Strategic, Tactical and Executional Proven Transcendence Recipes

Transcendence Recipes-Vaults

Get full access to our Strategic, Tactical & Execution Strategies and Recipes; execute them for yourself to win.

Transcendence Academy and Community is the only place where you get access to everything, such as our our proven and battle-tested Strategic, Tactical and Executional Recipes (we have over 24+ of them right now that have been proven over and over).
Transcendence Paradigm to become a superhuman and full-stack CEO owner

Transcendence Paradigm

Evolve your paradigm and Transcend yourself; become a full-stack Coach, Mentor, Healer and Business Owner!

Learn and master the necessary business skills and mindset; especially the sales, marketing and value delivery side so you can create lasting Transformations and Transcendence in your clients' lives. Empowering Transcendence Community Group

Empowering Real-Time Support

Get real-time help and support, be part of a community of fellow humans on similar missions and visions as you.

We know this journey to Empowering millions of people is not easy, but absolutely possible. We are here to serve you; ask for help and support as you need them. 
Improve Lifestyle Quality and Have More Fun

Lifestyle & Fun

Have fun empowering; coaching, mentoring and healing people. Create and live your dream lifestyle by Design.

Have more time for yourself, your partner and family; while giving your clients exceptional Transcendence experience.
Transcending Mentorship & Specialist Training

Transcending Mentorship & Specialist Training

Get access to specialist mentorship and get personalised help from Royal.

Accountability is the mother of great! Be held accountable for your outcomes, results and commitments to Empower humanity, together.
Leverage and Business Transcendence Machines Necessary for Niche, Market and Global Leadership

Leverage & Machines

Leverage business machines, tools and automations so you don't have to manually operate your business by hand cranking it.

Play it smart! Build and delegate to a high performance team working in uni-sync to achieve your ultimate mission and vision.
Royal Anwar is the CEO Owner of Royal Anwar Enterprises. He is the Lead Trainer at and hosts the Self Transcendence Show in the T: Community.

Royal Anwar

Self Transcendence Show with Royal Anwar, hosted weekly and sometimes daily in the Transcendence Community

Live Training Shows

Live show offering real-time support, essential resources, tools, machines and proven strategies to make the journey to empowering humanity simpler, more fun and sustainable. 

Each Transcendence Community members gets direct access and one on one complementary sessions personalised specifically for you.

Business Transcendence Mastery Training Products with Specialist Services for the global Transcendence Community

Essential, Actionable Resources from the Blog

Provide essential resources, tools, recipes, machines and proven strategies to make the journey to creating sustainable businesses simpler, more fun and collaborative.

"How do you make yourself stand out from thousands of other coaches in the market?"

"How would you go about finding a unique selling point?"

What Does Your Business Look Like?

Step #0.
Determine your wants and needs 

If you know which product or service you need and want, just go ahead and purchase it now!

If you're not sure which one is the right one for you; you can take the quick Clarity-Quiz below to determine your wants and needs.

Depending on what you want and need, our Clarity-Quiz will show you the product or service most suitable for you; based on your unique situation and desires for growth!

Step #1.
Select and pay for the product and service

Once you have determined your wants and needs, the next step is to select the specific product or service and pay for it.

You can pay online through our secure Digital Buyer Order Form and get started today.

We accept Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Alternatively you can schedule a strategic strategy session with Royal and he will get you enrolled on the phone if you are a good fit for one of our products or services.

Step #2.
Strategically transcend your business

Upon payment confirmation, you will be given a private link to create your account on our portal where all of our products and services are hosted.

You will be able to schedule your first client call session from your personal account, these calls are typically done via Zoom.

Each call is recorded and stored in our co-working drive folder that you can access 24/7 from anywhere; this is where we store all of our resources and materials for our work together.

Step #3.
Empower; coach, mentor & change lives

You have lifetime access to any of our products you own, which are constantly being updated and improved to deliver even better results for you.

We will work closely together and help you create a world-renowned and sustainable business that creates real differences in your clients lives. A business with clear structures, systems, automations and machines with a high performance culture and team.

Together we will empower; coach, mentor and change lives globally!
Water and Glass Story: Who Would You Buy From?
Do I Get Lifetime, Unrestricted Access to Any Products I Own?
Yes. You get lifetime, unrestricted access to any of our high-quality products or specialised service that you're enrolled in. Our specialist support and help continuous; you can also join our weekly Q&A or fortnightly Review & Optimisation sessions where we can help you live with any aspects of your Life Coaching, Mindset Mentoring or Mindfulness Corporate Training business.

Will I Be Treated With the 5***** Service, Care and Attention That I Deserve and Expect? 
Yes. We are always striving for and eager to exceed your high expectations of good customer experience service.

We always treat you with the personalised 5***** experience, care, attention and specialist support that you deserve - as a token of Gratitude and Appreciation for the Inspiring work that you do; Empowering; Coaching, Mentoring and Healing Humanity, Together!

Do I Get Full Refund Within 14-Days of Purchasing a Product From the
Yes. We offer full refund policy; where if you are not 120% happy and satisfied with the product you from the which is our Self and Business Transcendence Mastery training division. We offer 14-days full money back and refund policy for all of our clients.

What Is the ?
The TranscendenceAcademy is our Self and Business Transcendence mastery training division. It is the one and only official website where you can buy our high-quality products and leverage our specialist services to help you create sustainable businesses that empower people.

I Want a Personalised DEMO Specifically Designed for Me... Do You Offer Live DEMO Consultation Calls for Your Products and Services?
Yes. We offer 30mins live demo consultation sessions of our products and services, specifically personalised and optimised based on what you want and need right now... 
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